Imagine un Bloque que puede usar para cualquier cosa que se imagine.

EverBlock Systems offers a modular construction system of large plastic blocks that facilitates the construction of all types of objects. It is quick and easy to build almost anything, when stacking and organizing universal blocks in almost any shape, design or size.

Everything that has been built can be disassembled and reassembled, and the pieces can be reused to build other objects, which makes EverBlock a unique method of ecological construction.


EverBlock is resistant to water and chemicals. Allows use indoors or outdoors and in humid or dry environments. The blocks are manufactured using polypropylene resin, which makes it waterproof, easy to clean, and does not let harmful chemicals leak. All blocks contain UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration of sunlight. The internal cross ribs provide additional weight bearing capacity and support.

Todo lo que se construye se puede desmontar y volver a montar de nuevo en minutos.


From dance floors, to tent floors, and from turf protection systems for stadiums to exhibit floors, EverBlock has an interlaced floor system for your specific application. Hotels, tents and events, stadiums, arenas, exhibition builders and residential and corporate users use EverBlock Floors to meet their needs.


Our EverBlock flooring systems work in conjunction with EverBlock blocks, allowing you to create complete environments, unique displays and creative commercial spaces.

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